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At present the PC computers are not powerful enough to run an emulation of the Playstation 4 hardware. PS4 is essentially a little modified high-end gaming PC with more or less standard hardware parts. So the best bet is that there will be "wrapper" programs and drivers like we have for the 3Dfx Glide games or some soft of interpreter program that will trick the software into thinking that it is running on a genuine Sony Gaming PC = PS4 when in fact you would run it on your desktop or laptop.

Meanwhile there are good working PS2 emulators and PS3 emulation should follow shortly. Running an emulator on PS4 that would make it backward compatible with previous generation games would be a treat. This most likely will be achieved buy first booting Linux OS on PS4 and than running the emulator software in the Linux environment. Linux would also unlock the doors for all the emu software that is already out there to play NES, SNES, MAME and other classic video game roms.

Check back from time to time to get the latest news and developments in the PS4emu scene and download the emulators as soon as they are released.

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PCSX2 is an emulator for Playstation 2. Although the developer has moved on to focusing their efforts on Playstation 3, the huge number of following for the most popular gaming console has not waned in supporting Playstation 2. Even if the company has already stopped making the PS2 console, there are still players who want to play with their PS2 titles. Instead of just giving up on playing their favorite titles on their Playstation 2, they continue playing using an emulator on their computer. This is why an emulator such as PCSX2 exists.

PCSX2 is a PS2 emulator designed for Windows, which is already known for playing back old titles, even those from the Playstation 2 days. It tries to execute codes for the PS2 on Linux and Windows. It also came from the same company that developed PCSX2. To start the ROMs, you have to insert the emulator CD into the CD-ROM drive of the system. That’s when the program will run.

As the PCSX2 was launched, there has been more support for various titles. It used to be that the number of games that was supported was much fewer.

Despite how good this emulator is, there are still titles that are not yet supported. You also need to get used to the settings. Be prepared for a tougher challenge than when using NES or SNES to run a classic ROM. It is more complex than what you’re used to dealing with in other emulators. [ PS5EMU :: ]

The developers of PCSX2 have changed over time, which also led to the changes in the code of the program and its level of complexity. Another cause of change is possibly the contribution of different people to the open source project, which sees changes in the program’s sound, graphics, and CD support.

PCSX2 is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating system or the platform used on console emulators. Its 1.00 version is already available as freeware, meaning it can be downloaded freely.

Now we are waiting for a PCSX3 PS3 emulator and ofcourse Playstation 4 emulator called PCSX4 !

It looks like a custom firmware (CFW) will be needed to run unsigned code on the new console so before we get a special version of the best PSX emulator ePSXe for jailbroken modded PS4 - the hardware has to be unlocked.


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